Reduce Me To Love – Summary

Reduce Me to Love by Joyce Mayer is a book that centers on the God Kind of Love. What it is, How to express it, and why making a choice to learn and live by it is very important for every believer.


God’s Will Is Prosperity – Summary

God's Will is Prosperity by Gloria Copeland gives a sum of the most basic needs you must be acquainted with to prosper as a believer. It begins with proof that God wants you to prosper and how real it is your covenant right, just like other benefits of salvation. In it you'll find the possibility of reaping as much as the hundredfold blessings; hindrances to receiving and how to position yourself for God's best. Not to forget how you can get angels involved with God's prosperity will and putting the devil where he belongs to prosper.


The War Room

There are great movies, and this is one of mine. Because it teaches prayer. Prayer is every believer's life line and its a must for you to understand