The Power of A Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian [Summary]

Main Summary: The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian is a guidebook for women on how to transform their relationships with their husbands through the power of prayer. The book covers over 20 different subjects you can begin to engage in prayers for your husband right now. Some topics include Praying for yourself first, for your husband’s fulfillment, character, finances, and faith, to just mention a few. Through the author’s experiences and insights, you can learn to pray effectively and create a fulfilling and loving relationship with your husband.

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Lessons You’ll Learn From This Post

1. Begin With Yourself
2. Praying About His Work & Managing His Finances
3. Prioritizing Your Husband, His Sexual Relationship & Overcoming Temptations
4. Praying For His Fulfillment & Good  Judgement
5. Praying to Guard His Integrity, Reputation, & Encouraging Him in Hard Times
6. Keeping Good Companions, Praying Against the Effects of Fear & A Painful Past
7. Praying Against Negative Attitudes & Emotions
8. Praying For His Walk, Faith, & Repentance

Begin With Yourself

A Praying Wife has enormous power to change any situation in her home, and most especially in her husband’s life. However, according to the author, for her to experience the blessings of the prayer altar, she must begin with herself.

The author emphasizes that to pray effectively for your husband, it’s essential to have a pure heart and let go of negative emotions. She recommends that you start by praying for yourself, as praying for a change in your husband won’t work until you change yourself first.

She says, “Expect to see changes in yourself before you see any in your husband.” And that It is best to pray instead of criticizing or nagging. Let the husband be the head of the family while the wife is the heart, and work together while sharing responsibilities.

The author admonishes that you Invest time in maintaining your body, soul, and spirit. Also, you must avoid coming into marriage with a big list of expectations and instead focus on your spouse’s good qualities.

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Praying About His Work & Managing His Finances

The author discusses two extremes in a man’s relationship with work: laziness and workaholism. She notes that a man’s work is a source of fulfillment to him, and finding a sense of purpose is essential for feeling fulfilled. The author suggests praying for your husband to see God’s plan for his life. She says God can help a man find a perfect balance between work and life.

She also wrote on the importance of how a husband relates to his finances. Saying that financial irresponsibility, lack of money, and huge debt can put pressure on a marriage. However, recognizing that all we have comes from God and making Him Lord over it can help you and your spouse avoid financial problems. The author encourages giving when God says to give and promises that God will deliver, protect, bless, heal, and keep you alive when you do.

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Prioritizing Your Husband, His Sexual Relationship & Overcoming Temptations

Everyone loves attention. The author recommends you make your husband feel like a priority. She says simple gestures and setting aside time for just the two of you can go a long way in making him feel loved and important. The author also states that as you prioritize your husband, he will likely prioritize you in return, leading to greater happiness and peace in your relationship.

On the subject of sexual relationships, the author emphasizes the importance of prioritizing sexual relationships in your marriage. Sex she says is a crucial part of a man’s well-being and needs it for emotional release.

The author advises making sex a priority in marriage and communicating about needs. She says a lack of communication can lead to temptation and destruction. She recommends that to deal with sexual issues, women should make themselves feel attractive to their husbands before engaging in sex, change their attitude towards sex, and prioritize sex with their husbands to keep their marriage healthy.

The author also discusses the importance of prayer in overcoming temptation in marriage, suggesting that being watchful and praying before anything happens is crucial. She highlights that temptation can come in various forms and recommends praying for your husband to have godly prayer partners and open confession before God and other believers to minimize the power of temptation.

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Praying For His Fulfillment & Good Judgement

The author discusses the importance of a healthy fear of God and encourages wives to support their husbands in discovering and fulfilling their purpose in life through prayer. She says, when a man is not fulfilling his calling, it can create unrest, and it is important as a praying wife to pray for God to reveal his purpose and open doors for him.

The author also stresses the importance of praying for husbands to make wise choices, as only God can give true discernment, and advises against trying to fix a husband who engages in foolish behavior. Ultimately, she recommends praying for wisdom and his decision-making as they can bring good outcomes.

The author also shares her experience of supporting her husband’s mind battles and suggests that wives can pray for their husbands to discern lies and hear God’s words of hope, prosperity, possibility, success, and new beginnings. She recommends using the Word of God and praise as powerful weapons against the attack of lies upon your husband’s mind. She emphasizes the importance of praying for your husband to also receive the mind of Christ and bring every thought captive under God’s control.

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Praying to Guard His Integrity, Reputation, & Encouraging Him in Hard Times

The world lacks men of integrity today. However, the author recommends that you support your husband’s pursuit of integrity through prayer and helping him stand strong against opposition. Saying, “A man of integrity is true to his word, even if it costs him something.”

Also, a good reputation according to the author is valuable and should be chosen over great riches, and prayer is the only defense against attacks on one’s reputation. She recommends that as a praying wife, you can pray for your husband’s reputation but also acknowledge the importance of proactive steps to maintain it.

Pray for your husband’s protection every day, she says; trusting in God’s promise to shield those who trust in Him. She reminds you that everyone goes through hard times, but having a positive attitude and relying on God can bring good things despite the difficulties. The author also stresses that you encourage your husband to lean on Christ during hard times and trust that trials can lead to growth and purification.

Keeping Good Companions, Praying Against the Effects of Fear & A Painful Past.

Surrounding yourself with positive, godly people is very important. The author stresses the need for at least two strong-believing couples in your life to provide encouragement, strength, and balance. She highlights the importance of praying for good influences and relationships while praying against bad ones. The author encourages praying for your husband to have godly male friends and for all of his relationships to be free from unforgiveness.

She discusses the subject of fear of not being a good father that many men experience, but prayer can help fathers overcome these fears and gain clarity and perspective on how to be good parents. The author encourages you to pray for your husband to be a good father, as this can help him understand the Father’s heart and be a better influence on your children.

Then she recommends that If you or your husband has had a painful past that affects your present, you should take comfort in knowing that it is possible to be free from it. How? By praying for your husband to have the strength to decide to not listen to the negative voices of the past. Remembering that, the past not only affects the individual but can also affect future generations.

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Praying Against Negative Attitudes & Emotions

Negative attitudes can affect every aspect of a person’s life and those around them. The author notes that you can pray for either yourself or your husband with any bad attitude to soften and bring visible changes to your behavior. She also adds that praying for your husband to have a pure heart can improve his attitude.

The author likewise, cautions against idle talk and negative speech, which she says can harm both the speaker and the listener. “Our words can either build up or break down the soul of the listener.” She suggests praying for the Holy Spirit to convict the heart of your husband, if he has such an attitude and teach him a new way to talk.

In addition, the author emphasizes that anger and depression can be controlled through prayer. And that as a praying wife, you can help by praying for your husband’s negative emotions to change, as emotions are often habitual and can be broken.

Praying For His Walk, Faith, & Repentance

On the aspect of a man’s walk with God, the author stresses the impact it can have on his life. Such as determining his direction, focus, and steps. Walking with God, she says, can transform a man, making him attractive and magnetic. The Bible reveals the walk we should have, which includes moral correctness, obedience, wisdom, and integrity. We should walk on the Highway of Holiness, which leads to life. She advises praying wives to pray for their husbands to find this path and walk in faith.

The subject of faith is not negotiable if your marriage must work. According to the author, faith impacts our lives, and having faith in Jesus can provide certainty about our eternal future and positively affect our present. Doubt, she says, can be overcome by increasing your faith, and praying for your spouse’s faith to increase can have a powerful impact as well.

The author encourages readers to pray for their husband’s repentance, emphasizing that unconfessed sin becomes cancer that grows and suffocates life. She advises that a husband who cannot admit he’s wrong will have problems that never go away. God desires all to come to repentance, so pray for him.

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In conclusion, the author of this book emphasizes the importance of the wife’s role in changing their homes and husbands’ lives through prayer. The book’s teachings center on women’s need to pray for themselves, their husbands’ work and finances, prioritize their husbands, guard their integrity, and reputation, and encourage them in hard times. To mention a few subjects from over 30 areas you can pray about in the life of your husband. With practical advice and guidance, the author’s message is clear: A prayer is a powerful tool that can bring about change in any situation.

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