Understanding The Love of God

Everyone born of God can Love. But understanding what love means is the only way to produce its beautiful results.

In the body of Christ, you hear so much about Faith, Peace, Power, etc; but not so much about Love.

God does many things, answers to many names, and so on; but who He is–is LOVE.

Reduce Me To Love by Joyce Mayer

My review is on the Book titled Reduce Me To Love by Joyce Mayer.

Sincerely, we may never know the Lord if we don’t His Love.

On your list of priorities, Love should take first place. The reason is if it does; every other thing falls in line. You should study it, think about it, pray about it, and develop its fruits.

“Knowing the Love of God and allowing it to flow through us is the power behind Faith.”

Love as many have come to know, is not a feeling. Divorce rates prove that daily. Love is a conscious decision to treat others the way we desire been treated. It is therefore not cheap, but the good news is we have all the help we need.

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The beautiful thing about Love is–everyone understands it. God may not love all you do, but He loves you. Some aren’t so conscious of God’s love. And until you do you can’t express love. You must know the one who is Love, receive His Love before you can reciprocate, and distribute it.

God doesn’t require us to earn His Love. Even so, we must never require others to earn our love before we give it. This is how we develop ourselves in love. When we love selfish people unconditionally. Give to the stingy generously, and bless the unappreciative gracefully.

“We become Love as we exercise ourselves in it. It is not something we can decide to do or not do anymore..”

The Love of God is not the absence of correction or discipline; it is instead the direct opposite. Our actions void of Love will not enjoy God’s blessings. He is most concerned with our intention or motives.

We are sometimes found acting with prejudice. Especially to those who may not be like us, in race, religion, etc. That’s not the God kind of Love.

“Our Love is tested with the way we treat people who cannot do us any good.”

Love is the greatest warfare tool and is fun because we get to enjoy blessing others. Fault finding, wrong words, saying what we never intended to do all reduce our level of authority.

3 Ways To Express God’s Love.

Understanding The Love of God

1. Through The Words, We Speak

You can’t speak the wrong words to express love. The way you talk will always give you away when it comes to love. We can bring joy or pain with the words of our mouth. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Through our words, we can overcome evil with good.

Speaking good words will produce a harvest of good relationships

2. Through Giving Material or Physical Things

For the natural man, they’ll prefer to use men to get what they want. But God expects us to love others by using things to bless them. The truth is: you don’t need money to give.

Commitment to love produces creativity to give. If you wait to have enough money to give, you may probably never have enough. There are different levels of giving, so it creates a platform for everyone to express love.

The more painful you give, the greater the rewards. Having things is great, God only frowns when things have us.

“Your primary motive for giving, shouldn’t be to receive; but to bless others.”

3. Through Our Thoughts

Your thoughts are the true reflection of who you are. What you think about others can affect them. If you think negative thoughts of others, your attitude to them will always be negative.

Thinking good thoughts about anything or anyone will help you love them. Wrong thoughts will impede your righteous prayers for your neighbor.

You can’t have a great life with bad thoughts. So don’t just cast every evil imagination down, replace them with the right thoughts.

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1 Easy Way To Learn Love

The truth is, Love is more practical than it is abstract. So here’s what to do. Find anyone around you, whom you have observed to express the Love of God. Not just in words alone, but also their attitudes, action, and words. Just watch them carefully and do likewise.

From Paul’s 2nd epistle to the Corinthians, he defined Love in a few powerful sentences. To Understanding Love, you should study them. Our author describes them emphatically in our review text, but I’ll tell you just a little bit of what you’ll find.

Love is patient, whether with God, men, and ourselves. Love is not in haste. We sometimes want somethings we may not be ready for.

Love is not jealous or envious of others or their gifts. Your gift serves others, so also you should enjoy the gifts of others not become envious of them.

Love doesn’t think self. Envy, Pride, Hatred all thrive around the singular thing called self.

Love does not keep offenses. When you forgive quickly, the easier it is for you. Because any weed that has deep root is harder to pull out than the one just springing up.

Love craves for justice and hates unrighteousness. It is displeased when injustice reigns.

Finally, we have said love is more practical than it is emotional. We must swallow our pride and do for others the beautiful things we desire others do for us. Love can be express in many different ways but one factor is that–Love GIVES.

So who’s that person you must express the love of God to now?

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God bless you.


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