Recreating Your World By Pst Chris Oyakhilome [Summary]

Main Summary: Recreating Your World by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a transformative guide that empowers you to change your circumstances and elevate your life. With a focus on the power of desire, imagination, and the Holy Ghost, the author reveals how to tap into your creative ability to manifest your dreams. This book empowers you to recreate your world and unleash the creative potential within you.

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Lessons You’ll Learn From This Post

1. You Can Recreate Your World
2. The Power Of Your Imagination
3. Recreating With Your Words
4. The Prayer of The Creative Human Spirit

You Can Recreate Your World

It doesn’t matter what your world looks like now, however, what matters is that you can recreate it and thereby transform your life circumstances. According to the author, recreating your world involves looking at your surroundings and making changes that suit you, elevating yourself from one level of life to another.

The author highlights two Greek words translated as ‘power’ in the New Testament. The first word is ‘EXOUSIA,’ which refers to delegated power or authority given to act on behalf of others. He quotes Matthew 9:8, stating that this power is given to men by God.

The second Greek word is ‘DUNAMIS,’ which refers to inherent power. This power is capable of reproducing itself, similar to a dynamo converting mechanical energy into electrical energy in a cycle. The author explains that ‘DUNAMIS‘ is the dynamic ability to cause changes, and quotes Luke 24:49 and Acts 1:8 to support this definition.

He emphasized that receiving the Holy Ghost grants believers the dynamic ability to cause changes. While the Holy Ghost is not ‘Dunamis’ itself, He provides believers with ‘Dunamis.’ The Holy Ghost is the supplier of the power needed for creation and was present during the creation of the world. Therefore, when believers receive the Holy Ghost, they also receive the dynamic ability to cause changes in their lives.

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The Power Of Your Imagination

According to the author God has blessed you with the unique gift of imaginative power, which is your creative ability. Unlike any other creature, only humans possess this ability to imagine and create. The author emphasizes that your imagination is a special gift given to you by God.

He highlights the power of positive desire using a biblical reference from James 1:14-15. The author explains that sin is the result of evil desire, while good desire can also conceive and bring forth positive outcomes. The principle of everything bringing forth after its own kind is discussed, illustrating that when good desires are nurtured, they naturally manifest as good things.

The author uses the story of the woman who desired to be healed by Jesus to illustrate the importance of having a specific and defined desire. He said painting a clear picture in her mind and continuously focusing on her desired outcome, she created a new image of herself. Her unwavering desire set her apart, leading to her healing. The author encourages you to define your desires and visualize them in your mind, allowing the Holy Spirit to assist you and fill your thoughts with God’s Word.

Drawing parallels to God’s creation of the world, the author also emphasizes that when God created, He did so out of His desire and imaginative power. By having a specific desire and a clear mental picture, you can create a strong driving force within yourself. This force will enable you to speak out and achieve your desired goals. The author asserts that no desire or dream is impossible in this world.

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Recreating With Your Words

The author emphasizes that just as desire brings forth naturally without force, the clouds filled with rain empty themselves upon the earth. This analogy signifies that when you speak the Word, it acts as a seed in the spirit realm. However, for the seed to grow, it needs to be watered.

The author encourages you to water the seed of the Word by speaking it over your circumstances and meditating on it in the spirit. By doing so, he notes that you actively participate in bringing about the desired change in your life. Instead of passively waiting for things to happen, you have the power to water your clouds.

The author emphasizes that you can “water your clouds” by declaring the Word of God over the situations and circumstances you desire to prevail in your home. By speaking the Word and aligning your words with God’s promises, you can shape your environment according to His will.

Rather than complaining or focusing on negative aspects of your life, the author urges you to use the Word to transform your circumstances. By speaking positive and faith-filled words, he said, you allow the Word to prosper in the area it has been sent. This process may not bring immediate change, but the Word will produce results in due time.

The author highlights the detrimental impact of constant complaints and negative words. Saying, they can water the wrong seeds and bring about negative confessions, which eventually manifest in undesirable outcomes. By realizing the power of your words, you can positively influence the future of not just yourself but also your children, the harmony in your home, and the success of your endeavors.

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The Prayer of The Creative Human Spirit

The author explains the distinction between “created” and “made,” highlighting that God brought things into being through creation and formed them from existing materials. Creation is done in the spirit, and the Word spoken transforms your imagination into reality.

The author emphasizes prayer as a vital aspect of bringing God into your situation and receiving ideas. It is through prayer that your spiritual eyes are opened, and you begin to see and receive communication from God. Ideas from God are the key to what you desire, as they hold the power to manifest in the material world.

He stressed the importance of spending time in prayer until visions come to your spirit. By meditating on these visions and being fully persuaded of their reality, you can materialize your dreams. Prayer helps you visualize yourself in your desired position and act as though you are already there.

The author encourages deliberate action and commitment to your desires. Through prayer, you align your spirit with God’s thoughts and prepare yourself for His guidance. He notes that visions may come to you while you are praying, and God will speak to you during your communication with Him.

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In conclusion, this book allows you to discover the power within you to recreate and transform your life. Through understanding the Greek words for power, harnessing your imaginative ability, speaking positive words, and engaging in prayer, you can shape your reality and manifest your desires. Embrace your creative potential and unlock a life of purpose and fulfillment.

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