A Life of Obedience by Andrew Murray [Summary]

Main Summary: A Life of Obedience by Andrew Murray offers profound insights into the significance of obedience as portrayed throughout the Scriptures. From the obedience in Paradise to the obedience of Christ and the believer’s path, this book explores the key to cultivating obedience and its role in fulfilling Christ’s call to make disciples. With practical guidance and deep spiritual wisdom, this book invites you to embrace wholehearted obedience and participate in the glorious commission of spreading the Gospel to all.

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Lessons You’ll Learn From This Post

1. The Importance of Obedience As Scriptures Portray
2. Obedience In the Life Of Christ
3. The Secret Key to Obedience
4. Cultivating Obedience Through Morning Watch
5. Obedience and Faith: The Believer’s Path
6. The School of Obedience
7. Obedience to the Call: Make Disciples

The Importance of Obedience As Scriptures Portray

The author begins by examining the concept of obedience in the context of the entire Bible. He highlights the significance of obedience in Paradise, where God’s command to Adam was the condition for his dwelling there. He explains that obedience is the one virtue that covers all others and determines man’s destiny.

Moving to the Old Testament, the author shows how obedience is closely tied to significant events and individuals in the history of God’s people. He cites examples such as Noah, Abraham, and Moses, emphasizing their obedience as the key factor that led to their blessings and the fulfillment of God’s plans.

Transitioning to the New Testament, the author highlights Jesus’ emphasis on obedience. He explains that Jesus Himself lived a life of obedience and required the same from His disciples. Obedience is portrayed as the gateway to salvation and the expression of love for God. The author emphasizes the inseparable connection between obedience and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

He also emphasizes that obedience is the key to abiding in Christ’s love and pleasing God’s heart. He encourages you to embrace wholehearted obedience and highlights the necessity of obedience in your relationship with God.

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Obedience In the Life Of Christ

Obedience had a significant role in the life of Christ and so much impact on our righteousness and salvation. The author reminds us of the powerful quote from Romans 5:19, “For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so also by one Man’s obedience many will be made righteous.” Reflecting on this truth, the author states, “How much we owe to Christ! Though in Adam we were made sinners, in Christ we are made righteous.”

The author encourages you to study and appreciate the obedience of Christ, recognizing it as the very root of your redemption. For through Adam’s disobedience, all humanity became subject to sin and death. Similarly, through Christ’s obedience, you can be declared righteous and experience deliverance from sin’s power and death. The author emphasizes the need to renounce disobedience and embrace the obedience of Christ, which leads to righteousness.

The author underscores the threefold purpose of Christ’s obedience: to be your example, fulfill righteousness on your behalf as your surety, and prepare a new nature of obedience to impart to you.

He also highlights the joy and necessity of obedience in the life of Christ. Saying, “Christ delighted in doing the Father’s will and made it His food, sustaining and satisfying Him.” The author urges you to cultivate a similar passion for obedience and to wait on God’s will, growing in obedience day by day.

The author reminds you of the deep humility demonstrated by Christ in His obedience, emptying Himself and becoming a servant. It is in humility and dependence on God’s strength that you can truly experience the beauty and power of obedience.

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The Secret Key to Obedience

The author believes that our attempts at obedience will fail unless we have access to God’s abiding fellowship. It is His holy presence that prevents us from disobeying Him. Imperfect obedience, the author says, is a result of a life lacking in close fellowship with God.

He highlights that Christ Himself learned obedience and became the author of eternal salvation through His suffering. Christ’s obedience was necessary for our salvation, and it is also necessary for us to inherit it.

The author uses the analogy of a school to explain how Christ teaches obedience. The teacher, in this case, is Christ Himself, who unfolds the secret of His own obedience to the Father. The author stresses the importance of continually walking with God and hearing His voice for a life of obedience.

Christ’s direct communication with the Father did not diminish the need for the Word of God. The Bible serves as the textbook in God’s school of obedience. Christ used the Scriptures throughout His life, and it guided His actions and decisions. The author emphasizes the importance of approaching the Bible with a desire to find God’s will and do it.

The believer is portrayed as a student in the school of obedience, who must submit to Christ and trust His guidance. Surrendering self-will and being ready to do whatever Christ says is crucial. True progress in obedience requires the vow of absolute obedience and a complete denial of self.

The author urges you to trust Christ as your teacher and rely on His divine power to lead you into a life of practical obedience.

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Cultivating Obedience Through Morning Watch

The author emphasizes the importance of starting the day with an hour dedicated to seeking God’s presence. He highlights the significance of forming a strong bond with God during this time to safeguard the soul amidst daily responsibilities.

The author stresses that the morning watch should be motivated by a sincere desire for fellowship with God, rather than duty or personal happiness. Obedience and surrender to God’s will, he says give purpose to this time alone with Him.

During this dedicated time, reading and meditating on God’s Word is crucial. However, the author warns against treating it as mere intellectual stimulation, emphasizing the need for the Word to lead you to wait upon God, glorify Him, and receive His grace and power.

Also when praying at this dedicated time, securing God’s presence and renewing your surrender to absolute obedience are vital. He adds that confession of sin, seeking grace, and making obedience a determined resolve should be key components in your prayer. Emphasizing that true prayer involves waiting on God and listening for His response through the Holy Spirit.

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Obedience and Faith: The Believer’s Path

Obedience and faith are two inseparable, and interdependent mysteries in the believers’ life. The author highlights Abraham’s obedience as an example and quotes Hebrews 11:8 to exemplify his faith.

He asserts that a life of obedience to God’s will is the promised land for believers. He also stresses the role of the Holy Spirit and a new vision in Christ to achieve this.

Viewing obedience as a land of promise, the author encourages you to trust God and Christ for the ability to walk in it. He declares that obedience is born of faith, presenting five expressions of a believing heart: “You see it, desire it, expect it, accept it, and trust Christ for it.”

Desire is highlighted by the author as a catalyst for strong faith, comparing the fervent desire of the sick and needy in the gospel to our pursuit of obedience. The author calls for a deep longing and purpose to obey God and to have a close fellowship with Him.

He also differentiates desire and expectation, saying that you must anticipate and expect a life of obedience despite hindrances.

Acceptance of God’s gifts is emphasized over mere expectation. The author invites you to accept the grace for obedience and surrender to every command spoken by the Spirit.

On trusting Christ in all things, the author notes that all promises are in Him and that He provides wisdom and power for obedience. He calls y to trust Jesus, renew our allegiance, and commit ourselves to Him.

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The School of Obedience

In this school, according to the author, you learn obedience through practicing God’s commands. He asserts that obedience is not gradually acquired but can be embraced at any age. The key lies in yielding wholeheartedly to God and making unreserved obedience the starting point for your spiritual growth.

The author notes that personal knowledge of God’s will is crucial, beyond what is revealed in the Bible. And highlights the necessity of taking the vow of obedience to be taught by the Holy Spirit. Stressing that doing God’s will is the pathway to truly understanding it.

In the journey through the school of obedience, the author asserts that you must apply yourself to obedience unto death. Drawing parallels between Christ’s obedience and the believer’s journey, he notes that complete self-denial is what allows you to enter the fullness of Christ’s life.

The author also discusses the subject of the Human conscience. He states that the conscience plays a vital role in discerning God’s will. And respecting and obeying its voice is essential, as it guides and encourages you on the path of obedience.

Legal obedience is distinguished from gospel obedience. The author emphasizes that love is the root of gospel obedience, as it is our response to God’s love. He notes that love alone can produce the obedience Jesus desires and bring forth the blessings attached.

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Obedience to the Call: Make Disciples

Obedience to the call to go into the world to make disciples is a command given by Jesus to believers to obey. The author reveals Christ’s desire to reclaim the world for God, inspiring you to join this mission with His help. He emphasizes that this command is not optional. Therefore we must embrace it wholeheartedly, receiving divine power for the task.

Christ’s life compels us to share what we have received. We are His body, occupying His place on earth. Despite the Church’s past failures, the author urges full acceptance of this command, offering complete availability to Christ.

The author recommends Immediate action, irrespective of circumstances. Saying that, making disciples extends beyond foreign missions to local communities and Christian activities. We must recognize this work as the Lord’s and serve under His orders.

In all, the author calls you to accept Christ’s command, submit to His leadership, and live for His kingdom. How? By obeying and dedicating yourself fully, the author notes that you participate in the glorious fulfillment of Christ’s commission—to share the Gospel with all.

In conclusion, this book explores the profound importance of obedience throughout the Scriptures and in the life of Christ. Obedience is portrayed as the gateway to salvation, the expression of love for God, and the key to abiding in Christ’s love. The author emphasizes the need to cultivate obedience by seeking God’s presence, studying Christ’s example, and relying on His divine power. Ultimately, obedience is seen as a lifelong journey in the school of obedience, where you learn to yield wholeheartedly to God’s will and make it the starting point for your spiritual growth.

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