Living In The Balance Of Grace and Faith – Summary

Living in the Balance of Grace and Faith by Andrew Wommack is a book that strives to give the average believer a simple understanding of what Grace and Faith are; and their application in receiving from God. It also explains the errors about blaming God for our responsibilities as his children.


The Art of Intercession – Summary

Main Summary: The Art of intercession by Kenneth Hagin exposes the different kinds of Prayer available to the believer. With its main focus on teaching how any believer can choose to stand in the gap for those who are challenged.…


Love: The Secret to Your Success – Summary

Love: The Secret to your Success by Gloria Copeland is a book that'll show you the benefits of understanding your heritage in Love. How to express and exercise it, instead ad of being selfish. You'll also learn how love keeps the believer on the ever winning side of life.


The Laws of Healing – Summary

The Laws of Healing by Peter Tan is a very brief and at the same time, an elaborate piece on the provision of Grace for all God's children to enjoy divine healing and health in God. He discussed the causes of sicknesses, our position in health in the old and new covenant, and how to enjoy this gift of God in the new covenant in Christ.


God’s Will Is Prosperity – Summary

God's Will is Prosperity by Gloria Copeland gives a sum of the most basic needs you must be acquainted with to prosper as a believer. It begins with proof that God wants you to prosper and how real it is your covenant right, just like other benefits of salvation. In it you'll find the possibility of reaping as much as the hundredfold blessings; hindrances to receiving and how to position yourself for God's best. Not to forget how you can get angels involved with God's prosperity will and putting the devil where he belongs to prosper.


Laws of Prosperity – Summary

The Laws of Prosperity by Kenneth Copeland highlights and explains the spiritual concept of prosperity and the laws that must be imbibed to make it a reality. It reiterates God's provision to meet your needs and how they can be met. The book contains the authors' practical guide on receiving from God and ends with some hindrances to financial prosperity.