Four Life Quadrants For Smart Singles by Muyiwa Adigun [Summary]

Main Summary: Four Life Quadrants For Smart Singles by Muyiwa Adigun is a guide for singles who want to live a fulfilling life before and after marriage. The book covers four essential areas of life: finding purpose, taking devotion to God seriously, settling finances, and making the right choice in marriage. This book is a valuable resource for singles who want to build a successful and purposeful life.

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Lessons You’ll Learn From This Post

1. Finding Purpose
2. The Place of Devotion
3. Settling Your Finances
4. Your Choice In Marriage

Finding Purpose As A Smart Single

Discovering your purpose in life as a smart single, according to the author must come before getting married. The author explains that “purpose is the original intention of God” and “your existence here may be meaningless” without locating your place.

The author believes that discovering your purpose is essential to living a fulfilling and significant life. And every other thing chosen to do, including marriage, should be an addendum to accomplishing your purpose.

The author notes that the purpose of marriage is to expand the frontier of the kingdom of God on earth, and it is for a particular course or reason. He encourages smart singles to discover their unique assignment and calling in life, noting that what causes pain could be a precursor to the pain you were created to heal.

The author adds that purpose is not a product of your decision but a product of your discovery, and it will surely be revealed if you relate well with your Creator and ask Him to open your eyes of understanding to know the mysteries of your life

You must have an idea of where you are going before you make the choice of who to marry. This decision has the potential to shape and influence what your life would turn out to be.


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Smart Singles Take Their Devotion to God Serious

Devotion to God is unnegotiable in the discovery of God’s purpose and plan for your life. According to the author, God is the creator of life and has beautiful purposes for it.

Devotion helps in accessing the Manufacturer’s manual script for your life. And lack of knowledge of God’s original design for your life will lead to living in obscurity and mediocrity.

The author stresses that devotion sets your priority right in terms of where and in whom your loyalty resides. He also notes that intending to marry someone who isn’t devoted to God is a risk of destiny, as fear and love for God keep couples faithful to each other.

To maintain devotion as a smart single, it is essential to begin a relationship with God and fellowship with Him regularly. The author quotes Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Your devotion is the bedrock of your destiny; the anchor you must keep holding on to so that you won’t be suspended by the strong limiting forces of life resisting men from rising.


Settling Your Finances

If you desire to live a good life and be in the front seat of life among people that matter, you must not fail to pay attention to your personal finance as a smart single now.

As the author said, “Money is a generally accepted medium of exchange of goods and services”, and without sufficient money, the expression of your vision and purpose can be adversely affected and impeded.

Lack of money can pose limitations to maximizing great opportunities in life. Therefore, give early attention to your finances, so you won’t be under financial pressure or tension in life and marriage. As the author said, “Getting married before fixing your finances is putting the cart before the horse.”

Making or attracting money and creating wealth doesn’t just happen by default; it follows a system of adherence to the principles of making, managing, and multiplying money. To create wealth, you must offer value to people. As the author said, “Money is a paycheck for the value you give. The testament that you are valuable is the consistent reward you receive in monetary value.”

According to the author, money may not guarantee love, but it can facilitate the expression of love. Saying, “Money can facilitate the experience of FUN in a relationship and marriage.”

However, he warns that money should be invested, not spent prodigally on untold frivolities. So, you must master financial budgeting and discipline to achieve effective financial planning

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Your Choice In Marriage

The decision of who to marry is crucial and should not betray your destiny,” the author says. The quality of your choice will determine whether you will experience an upgrade or downgrade in life as a smart single.

Successful marriages are based not only on love and attraction but also on the acquisition and application of knowledge, especially the knowledge of the Word of God who originated marriage.

The author emphasizes preparation as crucial for a good marriage. Saying, “It is better to prepare for a good marriage than to repair a bad one.” 

Marriage is a lifetime journey that requires preparation before the event. The author, therefore, advises being watchful and prayerful in deciding on whom to marry and not rationalize warning signs.

Marital peace and bliss are not by luck or chance, they are products of adequate preparation for marriage

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In conclusion, the author provides valuable insights for everyone seeking a fulfilling and successful life, particularly for those considering marriage. He emphasizes the importance of discovering your purpose, being devoted to God, settling personal finances, and making wise choices in marriage. The book serves as a guide for singles to live a purposeful life and prepare for a successful marriage, emphasizing the importance of preparation, prayer, and sound decision-making.

Finally, here are some questions we’ll love you to answer.

What financial goals have you set for yourself as a smart single, and what steps are you taking to achieve them?

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