God’s Authority and Power

Authority and Power are God’s tools for dominion. He rules by authority and conquers by power. Your level of understanding will determine what you can do and how you can share in the operation of God’s authority and power.

There’s so much you can do with God’s Authority and Power, but you haven’t done so much because you probably don’t know much about it.

Think about having it the way you want it. Having dominion over your sphere of life. Think about good health, joy, peace prosperity, and every blessing given to us by God in Christ. They are all available to you through God’s Authority & Power.

Power & Authority To Destroy The Works Of The Devil by Guillermo Maldonado

I bring you another book review for this month titled Power & Authority To Destroy The Works Of The Devil by Guillermo Maldonado.

As always I’ll show you some excerpts and inspiration I got from this book. All in the bid to provoke your quest for Authority & Power in God. Authority is the legal right to exercise power. And power is the Supernatural ability to carry out the task delegated by the authority.

God is the origin of all authority. He made the heavens and the earth, He created all that we can see and cannot see. He is the Supreme generator of Authority & Power. And has the power to establish and delegate His Authority.

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Jesus while on Earth had Authority & Power to do certain things; like heal the sick, raise the dead etc. But at some point, we learned that he couldn’t do that in every place except where he had the authority to do it. He had the authority to exercise power only within a particular sphere. Which was the Jewish region. However, when He through obedience died and rose from the Grave, all Authority & Power were given to him.

All the authority Jesus received after He resurrected He delegated to the Church Matt 28:18. So everyone who believes in Jesus, and has been filled with the Holy Spirit. God’s giving or delegated authority to do his will. This is packaged in your purpose, calling, and assignment, given to you by God the Father.

Satan has no rights and is subject to the authority of the church. But how do we get tormented by the devil today? We are afflicted through our disobedience and ignorance. Disobedience takes away our authority but obedience enforces it.

We receive authority when we are born again and power when we are immersed in the Holy Ghost. With the evidence of praying in a new language. Satan left heaven with power but has no authorization to use it. So we have authority as God’s children to permit or not permit the works of the devil around us. You receive authority via your relationship with God. The more your relationship grows with God the more you are authorized to do certain things.

It is important to note that with Authority and Delegation there must be a chain of command. In the Kingdom there must be a head this is to ensure order. So, God, the Father is head in the Trinity. This doesn’t make any of the godhead lesser. In the church, Christ is the head. And because of the value chain command, he delegates authority with respect to capacity.

The head, placed by God makes the laws, processes information from the body, takes initiative, directs, and also makes the final decision. Where there is no chain of command there will be chaos, and heaven will be absent.

In God’s Kingdom, no one can exercise authority until they are under authority. Once you don’t recognize the authority spiritual headship carry. You cannot receive the blessing their spiritual position can impact. Authority is progressive in God. Delegated authority does not create but enforces the law. So what do you need to know is what the law says and you enforce it.

Rebellion against delegated authority is rebellion against the one who sent them. Which is God. When you walk in rebellion you are outside your covering and protection. There you can be afflicted by the enemy. So here’s the chain; our loyalty goes to God first then to the head he places in his church or wherever he has placed us.

Anytime you work in rebellion you open access to curses. You are God’s representative on Earth. As a child of God, you have delegated authority to exercise supernatural Power.

It is your responsibility to allow or disallow whatever the devil does around you. You are in charge and you don’t have to be perfect to exercise the authority God has given you. You just need to be under authority. In God, everything functions under the chain of authority, obedience, and responsibility.

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How To Operate in Spiritual Authority

1. Submission James 4:7

Those who don’t submit to authority cannot exercise authority. Submission is necessary because when we face the enemy we can’t go in our name. It is a choice to submit and that choice is manifested in your humility.

2. Understanding the principle of being God’s child

You don’t operate authority because you are educated or wise. You have access to Authority because you are a child of God. A child has access to the inheritance of his father. Understanding this puts you in charge any day or time.

3. By Association

When you submit to those who have been placed in the position of higher authority or headship. By Association you have access to the authority you are submitted under. Everything the father has becomes yours. The authority those you submit under wield, you can wield too. This is possible through submission.

4. The principle of honor

Honour is to revere, respect, acknowledge. When you honor God he gives you authority. And when you resist the authority of God and those who are placed as head over you it brings curses. With Honour in your heart, you can walk in God’s authority.

How To Operate God’s Power

1. Relationship with God

Your relationship with God will affect your ability to operate God’s power. Today so many are after power-seeking and have skipped a relationship with God. God gives relationship before power

2. Fasting and prayer

Fasting and prayer are not optional. It is a mandate and is equally important in putting the flesh under and allowing God through your vessel. It increases your ability to believe, and all things become possible when we believe.

3. Obedience to God

Obedience means voluntary submission to God. This to be convinced on the will of God. In the spirit realm, you surrender your will to appropriate power. If f you will not obey, you will operate God’s power illegitimately. Everything God gives must be operated with the confinement of His will.

4. Dying to self

Everything in God requires a continuous dying to self. if you stop exercising yourself in the things that empower your spirit to keep the flesh under. You automatically activate the flesh to grow back again. By flesh, I mean the outward man, self, your senses. The level of power you experience will be a direct result of your dying daily to self.

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In conclusion, God is the source of all Authority & Power. This he has delegated to everyone called by his name in Christ. Your understanding, submission, and delegation put you in the position to operate God’s Authority & Power here on earth.

So much I also couldn’t share for sake of the length of this post. You’ll find more inspiring insights yourself in the above text.

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