God is a Perfect Match Maker

God is a perfect match maker. Irrespective of the stories you may have heard, drama’s you may have watched or the experiences you may have had. So many questions, bug the minds of many young people today. Such as, is there someone God has prepared for me? Is He concerned about my relationships? Are there steps on how to find my perfect match? And so on.

The Bible recommends a simple solution in these matters. Which is to follow after them who through faith and patience, have achieved this desire you have for a blissful marriage. He has done it for countless many. And will do same for you if you know how others were perfectly matched in Christ.


My review this month is a wonderful book, written by Derek Prince. “God is a Match Maker”

Since this is a review, I’ll be highlighting some important points in this book. But I must say, if you seek a book that’ll help you understand marriage as God’s plan, how to prepare to make your marriage heaven on earth. Then it is a piece you must read.

First of all, marriage is not man’s plan. The anxiety and worries we put our selves through today aren’t necessary. Marriage is God’s plan, His institution. He also is a match maker.

God decided that man needed a helper. He went ahead to create the specific kind of helper man needed. He brought this helper to man. And ordained their limits and boundaries. So the Genesis and Revelation of marriage is God.

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God desires that you get married. How then do you subscribe to His plans for you, and not miss them? This is were most people end up missing it.

There is a gateway. No one can force you through it. You must make the choice to go through it willingly. Which is Submission Under God’s Authority. So many people want to rule & run their own life’s. And proclaim Jesus as their Lord. Well friend you can’t do both.

“God gives His best to those who leave the choice to Him.”

Preparing for marriage doesn’t begin at the marriage ceremony. This book highlights four characters you should cultivate. Which is a part in the preparation for marriage.

They are Characters:
  • towards marriage itself.
  • towards yourself
  • On how you relate with other people and
  • And character towards parents.

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These points are well detailed in the text…

“This leads to an important, practical conclusion for both man and woman. If you want the Lord to give you the kind of mate you need, there is one thing you must do above all others. You must diligently cultivate the Lord’s favor. His satisfaction must be your highest ambition.”

This sure sounds like Matthew 6:33.But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”


However the little points I have highlighted. The book also contains a guide on. How the man can prepare for marriage and how the woman also can prepare for marriage. And am sure you would love it. The authors wife, Ruth co-authored the aspect of women in the book.

You’ll also find issues on divorce, remarriage and celibacy. I must say it’s completely loaded. As well as for those who are already married. The chapters on preparing for marriage for the man and the woman will help you in some areas of weakness as well.

Lastly, I must mention that because we are different. We all must seek Gods guidance. The authors match making story and mine will be different. So also for you as well. This thus leaves a close fellowship with the Holy Spirit as the sure compass to navigate to your perfect match.

You can download a copy of this book here.

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Josiah Okheape

Josiah Okheape is a Content writer, Public Speaker, and Web designer. With a passion to spread the truth of God's word about His Kingdom to young people all over the world.

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