Receiving Healing & Walking In Health

Healing from any kind of sickness is a reality in God; likewise, living in perpetual health. God’s will doesn’t end at healing. No! It transcends to living a life full of health 3 John 1:2.

Many are aware of these facts, but because awareness is not understanding, their lives don’t express this reality. That’s because it is one thing to know, but it’s another to become what you know.

My book review this month is titled “The Laws of Healing by Peter Tan.

Like in all my reviews, I’ll be pointing you to a few excerpts from this book. I believe if you care to read it, it would revolutionize your health as a Son or Daughter in this great kingdom of our Father.

Receiving Healing & Walking In Health

When most people hear about Laws, they are quick to say ‘I am no longer under the law’. Well, even under grace there are laws. The difference is these laws are now written in our hearts by the Spirit of God. Laws are instructions. If you don’t have respect for laws, you will never rule in any area of life. Living healthy is all about Dominion–to have the rule over your body.

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Everything that befalls man has a root cause. So also is sickness Prov 26:2. Man is spirit, soul, and body. In this three lie the root cause of sickness. It’s either a physical, mental or spiritual law has been broken to cause sickness. But tracing the root cause of sickness, we find that it began with man’s fall at the beginning.

However, God didn’t leave man without a solution. So when God separated a people for Himself in Israel. He provided an escape from sickness through the law Deu 28:15. Sickness is a curse as you will find in the above scriptures. But even though God made a way through the law, healing still needed to be apprehended. You must take it by force Matt 11:12.

It is important to understand that Jesus didn’t come to abolish the old covenant but to fulfill it Luke 24:44. How do I mean? Every blessing in the old covenant is still available to us today including health and healing. But they are no longer apprehended in our life by the law, but by grace (the finished work of Christ) through faith (full persuasion that what God says, is the only truth there is).

There are two basic ways Christ’s finished work of healing and health for your body and mind can become a reality in your life.

They are;

1. Healing and Health by personal faith.
2. Healing by the Anointing.

These two don’t just secure healing, but also health. Because you can live a sickness free life in Christ.

As a young believer, you may be healed by the faith of others. But as you grow God expects that you grow your faith enough to appropriate His blessings for your life.

The basic principles of developing your faith remain: visualizing, meditation, confession and acting on the Word. These are well explained in the text.

That said, you must balance your faith with your conscience. So as not to suffer ship wreck 1 Tim 1:19.
Note: It isn’t wrong to accept medical health care.

On the other hand healing through the Anointing was majorly how Jesus healed the sick in His ministry. This can be appropriated through Anointed vessels. By physical contact (laying of hands, or materials they have come in contact with). Also by fellowshipping in an atmosphere of faith. It is important to note that you must receive and believe the Anointed and then obey their instructions as well. Jesus could only do so little in His home town because of unbelief.

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Finally, Healing and Health are yours to receive, meaning it’s already been paid for. You can walk in this reality as you take responsibility to walk in the Spirit. Appropriating these gifts of God through your faith and the Anointing to your life (you can read our previous post on the Anointing).

The truths shared in this book will bless and help you grow and come into the working knowledge on how to appropriate the finished work of Christ as far as your health is concerned.

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God Bless You.


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