The Laws of Healing – Summary

The Laws of Healing by Peter Tan is a very brief and at the same time, an elaborate piece on the provision of Grace for all God's children to enjoy divine healing and health in God. He discussed the causes of sicknesses, our position in health in the old and new covenant, and how to enjoy this gift of God in the new covenant in Christ.


Anointing For Breakthrough – Summary

Anointing for Breakthrough by Dr. David Oyedepo exposes the Ministry of the Holy Spirit in a believer's life. With emphasis is stresses the difference between the baptism of the Holy Spirit and Walking in the Anointing. It defines what the Anointing of the Holy Spirit is; how to receive it and how it works. Stressing the need of every believer to stir it up and how you can receive or be a transponder to others in need.