Find, Follow and Fulfilling Destiny

Your destiny is not what you think up or assume, you must first find it, then follow it, before you can fulfill it. Just like an adventure.

Living your destiny is a choice, no one can force it on you; not even God, He wouldn’t. 

You choose, either to make a living out of life or live your making. Now, every manufacturer has a definite intent for his produce. So also, every product is most efficient within the scope of the manufacturer’s intent. Yet, the question is “How”: how do i live my making on earth?

How to find follow fulfill Gods will

Hence, I’ll be reviewing a book with you titled “Find, Follow, and Fulfill God’s Plan for your life” by Andrew Wommack.

I’ll begin with a powerful phrase from the author.

“You will come to the beginning of God when you come to the end of yourself”.

Andrew Wommack

Have you been asking the Lord for some time now? Have you just began to seek his face, to find God’s plans for you? There is were to start from; and it’s all in this book.

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I always thought, asking God to unveil his Purpose for my life will be a quick one. I had the notion that he’ll show up right away with what my destiny is.

Well, that i did for quite some time and after a while of having no results I sought for wisdom. Then i got this book and sure enough reading this it and some others took me far away from my ignorance.

Off-course, It’s one thing to find God’s Purpose for you and it another thing to go all the way. Am so sure you have stories to share in this regard, as it relates to others you may know about.

The author also through his experience showed how we can go all the way. So this book goes beyond just finding it, you’ll also find how to follow God’s purpose and get to fulfilling it.

Find, Follow, and Fulfilling Destiny
Putting vision on paper

A man with no vision is heading nowhere, and by that I mean you will have existed without truly Living. Everyone is created by God with a definite purpose, a destiny to fulfill.

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If you didn’t know that, well now you know and more when you read this book. Also, just in case you are contemplating if where you are is your place; God doesn’t want you confused.

So Read this book. It will help your course in finding God’s will for your life and strengthen your resolve in fulfilling it. Your destiny is important to us all.

Here’s a link to download it.

Are you having difficulties understanding what God has said to you? There are other books I could recommend that will help you clear those doubts.

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