Praying The Right Way – Summary

Praying The Right Way by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a book that efficiently strives to correct the common prayer errors made by believers of the New Testament. It also offers indept insight into how we should pray to enjoy consistent answers to our prayers.


The Art of Intercession – Summary

Main Summary: The Art of intercession by Kenneth Hagin exposes the different kinds of Prayer available to the believer. With its main focus on teaching how any believer can choose to stand in the gap for those who are challenged.…


Power and Authority To Destroy The Works Of The Devil – Summary

Power and Authority To Destroy The Works Of The Devil by Guillermo Maldonado is an explosive exposure into the reality of exercising dominion over all the works of the devil. Using the forces of God's delegated Authority and Power. He explained the concept of authority and power, their proper and improper usage, and the Mystery of headship in establishing order on earth as it is in heaven.


The War Room

There are great movies, and this is one of mine. Because it teaches prayer. Prayer is every believer's life line and its a must for you to understand