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Well, I must say if you are reading this third post about been prosperous; we have both come a long way. Which is so worth it. I believe you must have read my other reviews about being prosperous.

However, this third review is as important as those that precede it. Its content will help ground your faith. And establish in your heart the reality of God’s will for your prosperity.

God's Will Is Prosperity by Gloria Copeland

My third review for the month titled “God’s Will Is Prosperity” is written by Gloria Copeland.

The new covenant positions you as a seed of Abraham, an heir according to the promise. An heir doesn’t labor, he only enters into the labor of his predecessor.

God is not against a man having money, He is against money having a man. Prosperity will be far fetched if you ignore the Laws of God and obey the laws of prosperity. God’s word is the source of being truly prosperous. You must give the word first place in your life.

Ideally, as believers, we find that we are strong and resilient in faith in some areas. But when it comes to standing on the Word for finance, we easily relax after a while. Faith follows the same principles in everything–stand to the end.

Having done all to stand, the bible says in 1Pet 5:8-10–stand. Your steadfastness in faith will determine how long or short you will suffer. Whether it’s an illness or to meet a need, take authority over lack when you sense it a mile away.

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God’s blessing on our giving is in the 100 fold rate. But the work of faith must continue to work with belief in your heart and the confession of your mouth. No matter how much you give, the 100 fold return is a guarantee. It keeps coming, but certain things can act as hindrances to receiving.

These are some of them;

1. Satan talks us out of it.
2. The word doesn’t root in our heart
3. Cares and anxiety of this world
4. The distraction of the age
5. Pleasure and delight in false glamour
6. A desire for riches
7. Wrong motives. Your motive should be love.

Receiving begins with the words you speak, which have taken root in your heart. Your confession puts your angels to work. So also a wrong confession stops them from working. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve stood on positive confession. If your last words are negative, angels obey your last command.

You render them ineffective because your last words are the control factor. But good news, you can cancel a wrong confession. By saying; “In the name of Jesus, I rebuke that negative confession, and I render it powerless to come to pass!” Onlike in the days of Daniel, today angels are at more liberty to work for us. Because Jesus defeated Satan on the cross.

More often than not, the devil will always resist your faith. And God’s word doesn’t specify how long you must stand. So stand. We are often tempted when we are drawn from God’s word. Satan wants your (wrong) words. It is important you guide your confession from changing. Quit giving worrying a chance, because worrying is meditating on Satan’s words.

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The quicker u resist the devil, the easier you pull out of any temptation. Else, If you allow him to get deeper he’ll entrench your affairs. Satan’s temptation proofs the steadfast believers’ faith. When you prove to Satan enough times that you will not compromise God’s Word, he will stay out of your way. He is a creature of pride.

Finally, You too can be prosperous in all your endeavors. It all just seems like we’ve been discussing the success template God gave to Joshua in Josh 1:8. I can tell you how much these books have blessed me. And I am sure they will bless you too. All you need is to start from where you are.

I look forward to receiving testimonies from these posts. Because God’s word never fails. You can share them in the comment box below.

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