When Jesus Walked The Earth

Review by Omoshola.

There are many secrets, probably never recorded or may have been lost about when Jesus walked on earth.

These secrets if known, have the power to improve your relationship with God. John in his epistle said, even the Bible doesn’t contain everything Jesus did.

When God walked the earth by Rick Joyner

Now, i’ll like you to follow me on this short book review. My review piece is a book written by Rick Joyner titled “When God Walked The Earth

I must say this. If you haven’t read any book by this author. Then, you may be forced to imagine his revelation in this book as fictional. As he narrates the experience he received from God.

The insights begin at the end of John the Baptist’s ministry. And ends at the beginning of Jesus’s ministry on earth.

I may not be able to tell you all, but I’ll surely give you some highlights. The baptism of Jesus in Jordan ushered in the end of John’s ministry.

John who was aware of this, and permitted two of his disciples to Follow Jesus. He did this did after receiving instructions from the Holy Spirit. This disciples were Andrew and John the beloved.

The Father’s testimony at Jesus’s baptism stirred up supernatural activities in the realm. Demonic and Angelic alike. Angels were assigned and dispatched to watch over the elects. (Those ordained for special assignments).

When Jesus walked the earth

As all these went on, meanwhile, conversation between angels showed they also didn’t understand the mystery behind salvation. How that the the Holy Spirit who created them will have access to dwell in man again. Whom they considered as evil.

The evil one (The Devil) had a majestic entrance to the city, with his demonic entourage. He caused a lot of destruction to the inhabitants–unknown to them.

All this and more he did to tempt Jesus the second Adam. Whom he assumed would fail. However it was, in the flesh and at his weakest form, Jesus overcame by the word. Without Angelic aid, even though they were present.

After his victory he went back for Andrew, John, Peter and James after his temptation. Who became the first four disciples he chose.

These and some events as described by our author in the book will open you to a new understanding about when Jesus walked the earth.

5 Secrets About Jesus’s Walk On Earth Unveiled

1 – Angels are assigned to you and are also around us today, spiritually walking and working with us to fulfill God’s plans for our lives.

2 – Love is the only way to Access true power and means to exercise it.

3 – God’s love for us is so Great, and as a result, the Word (Jesus) couldn’t watch us suffer. The Holy Spirit seek to dwell and be with us, and the Father will do anything for man.

4 – Jesus came with love to take away the shame that keeps us away from the Father.

5 – Jesus became the second Adam through obedience. The devil feast off our disobedience (flesh = dust) Obedience is key to keep the devil from feasting on our flesh (Lust).

In Conclusion

The revelations from this book should help you draw close to God. Increase your confidence in Him as your Father. And help you exercise radical faith as his Ambassador on earth.

I could only tell you few things. I’ll like you to see this truths for yourself. Download a copy for your self here and leave a comment on the box below.

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