Visions of Angels

Everyone gets intrigued with stories about angels, especially when they are told from real experiences.

It was a cool evening, after a meeting in the church. Afterwards, i stood with a friend, who was so excited about a book he was reading at that period.

Without any hindrance, he began to share his encounters in this book with me. Intrigued with the things i heard, i got the book almost immediately to read.

Angels on assignment by Charles and Frances Hunter

The book’s title is “Angels On Assignment” by Roland Buck.

Unlike some other books on angels I have read. This book doesn’t major on how to put angels to work. But rather it talks about the supernatural experiences of the author with Angels.

As they brought him messages from God for his children. Shedding light to many word based truths about God and His Kingdom.

His first encounter with angels and the truths unveiled to him gladdens my heart. How that the salvation of one member of a family opens the door for others. And that God releases angels to work round the clock as we pray.

Working to create opportunities for their salvation. Now, with this understanding, we ought to keep giving God thanks for their salvation.

He also, had a chance to ask an Angel some questions. And he asked him, “What were angels up to, from Malachi to Matthew?”

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Angels are always on the go, ” replied the angel. God has never stopped working.” Angels are always busy, receiving instructions from the Holy Spirit. And carrying them out as instructed for the benefit of men.

Furthermore, he had an encounter, where he was brought into the throne room. And was given grace to access the files of men. He was overwhelmed with how many files he saw. And how uniquely God keeps a record of us all.

One important file he gazed into was that of Abraham. Where he saw records of Abraham’s Good deeds to men not recorded in scriptures. And he observed that the errors of Abraham weren’t recorded.

When he asked why, God told him he doesn’t record our failures. This He explained to him with scriptural references.

Also in the same encounter. He was favored by God and was given a paper that contained 120 events in his future. These events all happened, one after the other as he kept on with his service to God.

Angel Gabriel in another meeting showed him, 7 priorities God holds dear towards us. I’ll highlight them later.

There are two things that displeases God in our lives–an insight he received in another encounter. They are Rebellion and Idolatry.

Rebellion is to refuse allegiance to God or resist his authority over you. To rebel against him is to turn your back on that which he offers. Such as His protection, blessings, love, instructions, and promises.

While to walk in Idolatry is to be excessively attached or have reverence for some person or thing.

Idolatry is not just worshiping a god or image other than God. It is lusting after our own desires and pleasures, instead of doing what he wants us to do.

God cares for man, and the only way men can understand this is through you and me. When you show care to others, you bring the heart of God to them in their various needs.

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Consequently, the Lord is more concerned, about meeting the needs of others over witnessing salvation. Saying “When you are helping people, you become a living word to them. which means, ‘I care and God cares for you!'”

So I’ll end with the 7 Priorities God holds dear towards Men as I promised

The blood of Jesus - Visions of Angels

What Are God’s Priorities?

1) The Blood of Jesus.
2) Fellowship and Communion with man.
3) Jesus is Alive.
4) The promise of the Holy Spirit.
5) Go tell the world.
6) The Atonement of Christ.
7) The Return of Jesus.

These priorities are further, explained in the text. But so as not to make this post too long, I have just highlighted them here.

One last insight he received was on praise. One night as he was visited by two angels. He was asked to join them in worshiping God.

After some time, he observed that his feet, along with the angels were no longer on the floor. Then he was told, “when we praise and worship God. It brings us to the same level as the angels (from highest to lowest angels).”

“Worship is the best equalizer there is between heaven and earth”

To say the least, i am still basking in the euphoria of the encounters I had through this book. Having to know much more about God’s love for me. I recommend you read it, you can download it from the site.

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God bless you.


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