You Too Can Be Prosperous 2

A friend, called me without being aware, that i had intention to review living a prosperous live this month. And asked if I had seen the book I am about to review. I said, “I hadn’t” after which She went through some length of stress to get it to me and I pray God bless you once more.

The Bible speaks of establishing every truth by 2 or 3 witnesses. That is, what I am saying about God meeting your needs hasn’t just happened once. The truths shared in my first review are reiterated in this second review. For deeper understanding.

How God Taught Me About Prosperity by Kenneth Hagin

My Second book review titled “How God Taught Me About Prosperity” by Kenneth Hagin.

Our authors experience came after he retired from pastoral ministry. After he had received a different direction from God and embraced his calling into the evangelical ministry. In the process of time, He observed that he earned a lot lesser than he did as a pastor and that brought some level of suffering to his family.

I’ll repeat that it’s God’s will to meet our needs and wants. The author chose to engage the Lord in a fast, instead of accepting the lies of the devil. To seek the Lord on what he was missing out. This fast led to his encounter with God on meeting his needs and wants which I’ll share briefly.

In his encounter with the Lord. The Lord said to him, “Satan is responsible for the hardship you’re facing”. Satan is the god of this world. That places him in authority of the resources of the world. But thanks be to God who through Christ, has given us back the dominion Adam lost in the garden.

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Walking in the covenant of giving doesn’t automatically guarantee your receiving. Satan is all out to resist us. That’s the whole essence of the fight of faith. The same way we resist the devil over our health, through faith. So also in our finances.

God instructed him to stop praying for money the way he did. And just claim what he needed or wants.

“Claim whatever you need or want. Say, ‘Satan, take your hands off my finances.’ Then say, ‘Go, ministering spirits, and cause the money to come.’ ” The Lord instructed him that after he had claimed what he needed, that was to be the end of the matter. He wasn’t to pray or do anything else. If he thought about the situation, he was to simply stay in faith and say, “Thank God for it. It’s working.”

In my first review, we talked about giving in the 4 different ways. It also represents depositing our treasures in Heaven Luke 12:32-34. However, claiming whatever we want or need is withdrawing from our heavenly account.

It is important to note that if you haven’t built your faith in finances. Or God supplying your needs you’ll easily throw in the towel. Some of us may have mastered the devil on our health through faith. Now do the same in your finances. By building your faith in the word and reading these books.

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You too can be prosperous today. God is not a respecter of persons. He is both the God of the Jew and Greek. Start exercising your faith in this area and your faith will grow.

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